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CLAVAS - CLARIN OpenSKOS Vocabulary Service

About the project

The CLARIN Vocabulary Service is a running instance of the OpenSKOS exchange and publication platform for SKOS vocabularies. OpenSKOS offers several ways to publish SKOS vocabularies (upload SKOS file, harvest from another OpenSKOS instance with OAI-PMH, construct using the RESTful API) and to use vocabularies (search and autocomplete using the API, harvest using OAI-PMH, inspect in the interactive Editor or consult as Linked Data). This CLARIN OpenSKOS instance is hosted by the Meertens Institute.


This OpenSKOS instance currently publishes SKOS versions of three vocabularies:

1. ISO-639-3 language codes, as published by SIL.

2. Closed and simple Data Categories from the ISOcat metadata profile.

3. A manually constructed and curated list of Organizations, based on the CLARIN VLO.

More information and documentation about OpenSKOS can be found at